Experience Walk on the River 2.0: The African Influence in San Antonio TX, Online Documentary Screening!

Join us Sunday June 7, for an online screening of “Walk on the River 2.0: The African Influence in San Antonio, TX.”

As the first civil settlement in the state of Texas, there are a ton of historical sites and legendary tales that have helped to shape the culture of our community. In the original documentary film Walk on the River: A Black History of the Alamo City we shared the African American experience from the time of Emancipation (roughly 1865) to Integration and the end of Jim Crow segregation (roughly 1965).

In this second installment, Walk on the River 2.0 we speak about the presence and influence people of African descent have had in this area before and during enslavement, including:

-The African Presence in the Americas before Columbus

-The Moors in Spain

-Blacks at the Battle of the Alamo

-Slavery in San Antonio

-Emancipation Celebrations in Texas (Juneteenth)

-African Symbols in the city… and more

Most people don’t realize that African Americans were present at the battle of the Alamo or that there were Black survivors freed by the Mexican Army. Neither do many realize that there were slaves sold downtown in Alamo Plaza or that it is documented that city officials bought and sold enslaved Africans. We reveal this history and so much more in this 50 minute documentary film.

Walk on the River 2.0 features interviews from:

-Mario Salas – Historian, Professor, Former City Councilman

-Ramon Vasquez – member of the Tap Pilam Coahuiltecan Nation

-Nettie Hinton – Community Activist

-Dr. Runoko Rashidi – Author, Lecturer, Scholar …and more


The Screenings will take place online using the ZOOM platform.

Once you’ve purchase your ticket, you will be sent an email with a link to the event.

**On the day of the event you will be emailed a reminder with the time date and private link.

After the movie is completed, we will host a live Q&A session with the producer and director of the film, where you will be able to ask questions and post comments about the movie.


**The price of this event? You choose what its worth to you. We are using the honor system for this online screening, so you are able to pay what you would like – $1 or $100 it is totally up to you.


This feature length documentary film is produced by Aundar Ma’at and directed by Born Logic Allah for Melaneyes Media LLC. Walk on the River 2.0: The African Influence in San Antonio, TX is a proud recipient of the 2019  San Antonio Local Filmmakers Grant presented by the San Antonio Film Commission.

For Inquiries and Sponsorship Opportunities, Please Contact:

Logic Allah

TEL. 210.560.1733

EMAIL: melaneyes3@gmail.com

For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1209606419370939/.


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